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In 1989, the Congress won 197 seats with almost 40% of the vote, against 143 of the Janata Dal. Rajiv Gandhi preferred to sit in the Opposition. Times now have changed.
By Kingshuk Nag |

Swings in fortune have seen him in and out of power over the last four decades.

By Himadri Bhattacharya |

At the conclusion of its second bi-monthly meeting for the current financial year on June 7, 2024, the MPC of RBI kept the policy rate unchanged for the eighth time…

By Jagdish Rattanani |
It is now evident that the people of India have rejected the Modi-ised version of the BJP, which is now well short of a majority in the incoming Lok Sabha.
By Ranjit K Pattnaik |

The surplus transfer to the Central government from the RBI under Section 47 of the RBI Act, 1934, has often evoked scepticism and raised many questions on the amount…

By Arun Maira |

Global climate change is running ahead of solutions to mitigate it.

By Vappala Balachandran |

The death of sixty-four-year-old Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on May 19 comes at a crucial period when Iran had assumed de facto leadership of the Palestinian…

By Ajit Ranade |

The class 10 state board exam results were announced last week in Kerala. One remarkable achiever was Shivraj Mohite from St.

By Jagdish Rattanani |

With the heat picking up in the election season, the Prime Minister has released a series of interviews to his chosen media houses, mostly in controlled environments…

By Arun Maira |

The Supreme Court is raising fundamental questions about the rule of law in a democracy.

By Ajit Ranade |

The International Organisation for Migration, an agency of the United Nations, released its World Migration Report for 2024.

By Kingshuk Nag |

Now that the votes have been cast there is a lot of speculation about the results in the first week of June from the two Telugu speaking States of Telangana and…

By Haresh Jagtiani |

Will Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal gain electorally with his interim bail?

By Jagdish Rattanani |
A commitment to this sharp pro-poor ideological positioning is critical to the revival of the Congress. Rahul Gandhi has done well to articulate this in his campaign
By Lekha Rattanani |

There is little doubt in the minds of many today that this election is turning. It will not be the cakewalk that the BJP imagined it would be for the party.