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By, Lekha Rattanani |

A series of strains test the nation today. Some strains bring protests on the streets, like the farmers agitations earlier and underway now.

By, Jagdish Rattanani |

By Jagdish Rattanani with Sunil Ray

By, Sudarshan Iyengar |

Gandhiji breathed his last with ‘Hey Ram’ on his lips. Lord Ram has been with Mohandas since his childhood.

By, Ajit Ranade |

A suicide note in Kota shook up the nation. A young girl says sorry to her parents, for letting them down. She died of not a broken heart, but of a broken spirit.

By, Himadri Bhattacharya |

Contrary to the popular perceptions and beliefs in this regard, history seldom exhibits any tendency to repeat itself.

By, Indira Hirway |

The Union Budget for 2024-25 was significant on two counts: (1) the government highlighted the achievements of this government in the past decades and (2) it…

By, Ranjit K Pattnaik |

The interim budget 2024-25 was presented today against a backdrop of steady economic growth and moderation in inflation in the Indian economy and complex geopolitical…

By, Ajit Ranade |

The government cannot spend even one rupee without permission from the people of India.

By, Saugata Bhattacharya |

The FY25 interim budget was a vote on account, with prior indications that it would be more “a blueprint of intent” and a facilitator of fiscal operations over the…

By, Ajit Ranade |

Since national elections are due soon, this budget was supposed to be passed by a vote on account.

By, Jagdish Rattanani |
Not everybody is willing to stomach the command-and-control operation that the temple movement has been turned into, certainly not the Shankaracharyas.
By, Ajit Ranade |
The budget’s size is about fifteen percent of the national GDP (in nominal rupee terms). It is being presented just before the formation of the next Lok Sabha, which will
By, Vappala Balachandran |

 Iranian air strikes earlier this week mainly in Northern Iraq are intensifying regional tensions.

By, Jagdish Rattanani |
The Deora exit is largely a non-event, and probably guided by desperation to get a party ticket from somewhere for the Lok Sabha constituency of South Mumbai.
By, Ajit Ranade |
The government expects growth to slow down from 7.7 in the first half, to around 6.9 during the second half, giving an average of 7.3 for 2023-24.