Arun Maira

Arun Maira


Inequalities have increased globally. India, “the world’s fastest growing free market democracy”, as it was described during the ‘India Shining’ years, is now the world’s most unequal society., behind only South Africa. India’s GDP may be increasing fast. But India’s economic growth is lopsided. Indeed, India’s economy has the worst ‘employment elasticity’, that is the number of jobs created with each per cent of GDP growth. There are not enough jobs and there is not enough profit being made by enterprises at the bottom of the pyramid.

Arun Maira is a thought leader, book author, columnist noted for his work in the area of building and strengthening institutions and leading change by listening to people at the grassroots and empowering them to shape their own futures. In a career spanning five decades, Arun Maira has worked for large Indian and international organisations in the private sector and also worked at the highest level in government.

He spent 25 years in the Tata group, leading important ares, projects and businesses. He was a member of the Board of Tata Motors (then TELCO). Arun Maira later joined Arthur D Little Inc, the international management consultancy in the US, where he advised companies across sectors and geographies on their growth strategies and handling transformational change. A decade later, Arun Maira was back as India Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group, a position he held for eight years till 2008. He has held other leadership positions that include being Chairman of Axis Bank Foundation and Save the Children, India. He was also board member of the India Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, the UN Global Compact and WWF India.

He has been on the board of several companies as well as educational institutions and has chaired several national committees of the Confederation of Indian Industry. In 2009, Arun Maira was appointed as a member of the Planning Commission. At this minister-level position, he led the development of strategies, drove the formulation of policies and programmes for the country on industrialisation and urbanisation.

With his vast experience and expertise, Arun Maira is a leader who is often invited to speak at various forums. His latest book (published in Nov. 2019) is Transforming Capitalism: Why the World needs a new Ethical Toolkit. Know more about the book here, here and here.

Mr. Maira's other books include:

* Listening for Well-Being: Conversations with People Not Like Us (Aug 8, 2017)

* An Upstart in Government: Journeys in Change and Learning (Oct 5, 2015)

* Redesigning the Aeroplane While Flying: Reforming Institutions (May 9, 2014)

* Transforming Capitalism: Business Leadership to Improve The World for Everyone(Nov 5, 2011)

* Discordant Democrats: Five Steps to Consensus (May 9, 2007)

* Remaking India: One Country One Destiny (Oct 1, 2004)

* Shaping the Future: Aspirational Leadership in India and Beyond (Mar 5,2002)

* Learning to Change and Changing to Learn: Managing for the 21st Century (Sept 1,1996)