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By: Jagdish Rattanani
Publisher: Central Chronicle, The Afternoon Despatch & Courier
Ms. Chanda Kochhar is now facing the full brunt of a wide-ranging investigation. Multiple agencies are poised to probe deep into a case that the worthies on the ICICI Board dismissed not too long ago. ICICI Bank has a new CEO since October 2018. The bank under him has moved with full force against... read more
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By: Ranjit K Pattnaik, By: Jagdish Rattanani
Publisher: Central Chronicle, The New Indian Express
The Reserve Bank of India’s “State Finances: A Study of Budgets 2015-16” is a service to the nation and deserves to be studied threadbare if we are to understand where the States’ finances are headed and if the nation is truly on course to achieving the outcomes it has set for itself.
Section: Articles
By: Arun Maira
Publisher: Asian Age, Central Chronicle
The country is open to citizens’ protests: on the streets, in the press, and increasingly in a hyper-active social media. Issues can be raised in the public space. But they cannot be resolved there. Slogans and placards draw attention to problems. They cannot describe a complete solution.
Section: Articles
By: Dr. Yashwant Thorat
Publisher: Central Chronicle, MEDC Monthly Economic Digest
The key sentiment is “please show us the implementation and ensure transmission of policy without leakages”. While the budget has been marketed as a pro-poor, pro-farmer budget focussed on reviving agriculture growth and improving farm incomes, a closer look might tell us a different story.