Thyagarajan Krishnamoorthy


Thyagarajan Krishnamoorthy worked as a business journalist with the Free Press Journal for over a decade before branching out on his own. During his stint at the Free Press Journal newspaper, he worked closely with Jagdish Rattanani, one of the founders of the Foundation of The Billion Press, who helped provide professional grounding with a base of ethics and responsibility. The two worked together well to help shape the business pages of the newspaper into a powerful pack that became noted for embracing the views and voices of the common citizen, giving the paper its unique appeal.

Thyagarajan later left the newspaper to become an entrepreneur, running  a private business that he has built passionately, taking care to keep aside time for his other interests. These include learning Carnatic classical music and a journey into understanding the Vedas. Studying the Vedas offers Thyagarajan a larger purpose, helping him remain rooted to Indian traditions as he works to expand his understanding of the larger cosmic order that binds us all into a oneness. 

Thyagarajan currently works as the Web Editor of The Billion Press.