Praveen Dixit


Praveen Narayan Dixit is a former Director General of Police (DGP), Maharashtra State. He served, among other positions, as the Additional DGP in Maharashtra State for the Human Rights Commission in Mumbai, leading investigations and teaching courses on human rights. His research works includes a paper on Strategy for Eradication of Child Labuor in India (published in the Journal of Indian School of Political Economy, Pune 2005) and building a 'Manual on Protection & Promotion of Human Rights' (in English and Marathi), published by Yashada, Pune, the sixth edition of which was re-issued in 2016. He was awarded the President's Medal for Meritorious Service in 1997 and the President's Medal for Distinguished Services in 2011.


Once one gets a job in the police department and wears the police uniform, there is a misconception that this is a blanket approval to arrest anyone and obtain a confession by indulging in physical harassment. Several times, suspecting someone for petty theft or because of personal rivalry, complaints are registered by people of means, and this is followed by arrest and physical torture.