Humans valuing dogs more than fellow beings?

Just read in today’s Guardian about how England recently, rescued, brought in a planeload of dogs from Kabul, leaving refugees behind. Dogs are treated much better.

In the last few days, I have been noticing that in Mumbai too dogs are being treated far better than poor human beings. Daily, during my morning walk, I find very pompous people getting down from their cars carrying freshly cooked packed food searching for dogs, calling them out and then feeding them.

Unemployment has risen to such levels that ordinary people are left looking for free food

Some dogs just don’t  care, perhaps someone has already fed them. Some men and women are accompanied by their servants on the feeding mission. In contrast, unemployment has risen to such levels that ordinary people are left looking for free food. I see lot of people standing in a queue outside a church supported centre collecting lunch packets and sitting on the footpath outside a school.

On the Carter road seafront promenade, there is a big park enclosure exclusively for dogs. Then there are people taking out their dogs for a walk. Some are very nice. But some others are very status conscious, are out there just to display their expensive pedigree possessions.  In their arrogance, they do not even realise they are scaring other walkers, taking away so much territory. It is not that only dogs are assertive about territory, it helps the owners keep ordinary folks away from themselves.

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