By: Arun Maira
Category: Common citizen, Governance, Health, Inequality, Philanthropy, Sustainability, Taxes, Global, Jobs, Inclusive growth
Objections to Greenpeace’s strategies by Extinction Rebellion (XR), the environmental movement whose supporters occupied Greenpeace’s offices last year, as well as its own successes, highlight contrasts between the strategies of organisations and citizens’ movements. Loose citizens’ movements are... read more
By: Jagdish Rattanani
Category: Common citizen, Governance, Philanthropy, Jobs, India politics, Indian economy, Inclusive growth
Within a year, HLL was reporting losses for the first time in its history, sending a worried Chairman straight to New Delhi to lobby with the powers that be. This was to no avail, and the CEO was told to just grin and bear it in the cause of the nation and to help fight the huge spike in inflation... read more
By: Ajit Ranade
Category: Common citizen, Governance, Inequality, Philanthropy, Taxes, India politics, Indian economy, Inclusive growth
Inequality cannot be remedied merely by depending on the goodwill and moral compulsions of the very rich. We have to acknowledge that India has one of the lowest direct tax-to-GDP ratios. We do not have inheritance tax. We have exemptions, which enable large capital gains to go tax free.
By: Ajit Ranade
Category: Governance, Inequality, Philanthropy, Global, India politics, Indian economy, Inclusive growth
Measured as the Gini coefficient of income distribution, India fares better than Brazil and possibly China and Russia. But in wealth inequality terms we fare much worse. And if we use metrics like access to healthcare, basic quality education, sanitation we see a very unequal society.