In Bedawal village

Meera Damor is a nurse at a primary healthcare clinic in Bedawal village, some 70 Km south of Udaipur district headquarters. She has worked as a nurse for the past four years, out of which two have been in rural areas. She has a one-year-old son who stays with her at the staff quarters nearby. Meera visits her home, 60 kms away, twice a month. Ever since the lockdown, she has been able to go home just once in the past one-and half month.

Two Covid positive cases were identified 20kms away. So Meera leaves her son in the care of a baby sitter in the morning and meets him only in the evening, after she has had a bath. This has been hard on mother, son and the family.

Her husband and in-laws are all at home and tell her every day to come back. “They say you have a young child you should not be working at a clinic now. I am the sole earning member in my family…I tried hard to leave him home the last time but he doesn’t stay the night without me so I brought him along,” Meera says.

This diary was filed to The Billion Press on May 01, 2020