Articles: October 2017

By: Ranjit K Pattnaik, Jagdish Rattanani
Category: Common citizen, RBI, Indian economy
The RBI has been unable to exert itself on a crucial parameter, even when that crucial parameter impacts the way the RBI reaches its targets. What then does it tell us the about the efficacy with which the RBI meets its other roles like ensuring that the money of the depositors remains safe?
By: Martin Macwan
Category: Common citizen, India politics, Inclusive growth
The cases of recent violent caste-related attacks on dalit youth for sporting moustaches in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar district are an indicator of simmering tensions and discontent in a State that has until recently been presented as a model of development. They tell us of a divide that is deep.
By: Ajit Ranade
Category: Common citizen, Inequality, Taxes, China-India, Global, Indian economy, Inclusive growth
Can we focus on eliminating the loophole of tax shelters in direct taxes? Can we reduce the burden of indirect taxes, which hurt the poor more than rich? The list of doable ideas is long but the first step is to acknowledge that we are at a point of “too much and an unacceptable level of inequality”
By: Jagdish Rattanani
Category: Common citizen, Jobs, India politics
The ill-effects of a host of rash moves like the rushed implementation of GST, the hare-brained scheme of demonetisation, non-action on black money and corruption, lack of direction on ballooning bad assets of state-run banks have come together to give us less jobs, lower growth and a weak outlook.
By: Ranjit K Pattnaik, Jagdish Rattanani
Category: Common citizen, RBI, India politics
In the above context, what matters is not really the reduction in the policy rate, which is a signal to the banking system, but how this signal is transmitted and carried forward to the actual rate at which banks lend to corporates. Transmission of the rate signal is critical and also crucial.
By: Himadri Bhattacharya
Category: RBI, India politics, Indian economy
MPC's decision to maintain status quo is a reflection of its mandate to steer the inflation trajectory closer to 4%. The easing cycle that began in January, 2015 has possibly come to an end with the cumulative lowering of the repo rate by 200 basis points. The policy stance has entered neutral... read more
By: Usha Thorat
Category: Common citizen, RBI, Indian economy
As inflation had increased by two percentage points since the last policy -although below the target of four per cent –no one seriously expected the inflation targeting MPC to recommend any rate cut. In line with this expectation, RBI kept the repos rate at the existing level of six per cent.
By: Ajit Ranade
Category: Jobs, Indian economy, Inclusive growth
A unified tax structure, direct linkage of farmers to buyers, attack on black money, financial inclusion, move toward a less-cash economy are all steps toward a more efficient economic system. But the government might be guilty of completely neglecting the here and now in pursuit of long term vision
By: Arun Maira
Category: Common citizen, India politics, Inclusive growth
India’s history is a composition of many histories. Any attempt to impose a single vision of India’s history is a fool’s game. It will create divisions within people, as evident from recent efforts to rewrite Indian history. Ultimately, the idea of India must be what a billion Indians think it is.