Articles: September 2017

By: Arun Maira
Category: China-India, Jobs, Inclusive growth
A clutter of branded schemes with catchy acronyms will not grow more jobs. A ‘systems view’ is required to connect many parts of the system and many policies—for investment promotion, trade regulation, labour policies, etc.—to enable the economy to deliver better jobs and livelihoods.
By: Jagdish Rattanani
Category: Common citizen, Jobs, India politics
While it is gratifying to see an obnoxious media person being caught out and go down, there is the larger and more difficult case that must be argued in the midst of this din. The obnoxious would perish, sooner rather than later. What looks unlikely to perish is a culture of self-glorification
By: T C A Raghavan
Category: Common citizen, Global, India politics
The Trump broadside has left many in Pakistan shaken but such pressures are intrinsically not new. It is evident that after some initially strong statements in response from the National Assembly and the National Security Council, Pakistan has chosen to engage with the US rather than only condemn... read more
By: Ajit Ranade
Category: RBI, India politics, Indian economy
There is a lot to do on reforms in the process of clearances, dispute settlement, getting credit and taxation. Also, there is the farm sector, which is suffering from deflationary forces. Stopping and reversing the slowdown calls for a multi sectoral, multi-pronged, multi-government level approach.
By: Ranjit K Pattnaik, Jagdish Rattanani
Category: Common citizen, Jobs, Inclusive growth
The fact that India stands out as a country with one of the highest increases in the top one per cent income share concentration over past 30 years should lead to some rethinking on how the growth story is going. The debate on inequality has been less discussed and in many fora is completely absent.
By: Haresh Jagtiani
Category: Common citizen, India politics, Inclusive growth
Chipping away at the periphery of a person’s lifestyle would be the surest way to strike at the core of his being. And since the periphery is a mere extension of the core, a majority Government could impose its notion on how to live life, thereby making that person’s life itself intolerable.
By: Himadri Bhattacharya
Category: RBI, Indian economy
Neither RBI's annual reports nor the six-monthly reports on forex reserves disclose any useful information on portfolio and risk management of forex reserves. RBI provides a metric - Earnings from FCA as % of average FCA -, which does not conform to any standard definition of portfolio return.
By: Arun Maira
Category: Jobs, Indian economy
Whistle blowers are hardly popular with the institution they warn. They may sound too critical of, and even dis-loyal to the institution. The institution, and even the public, may demand that the whistle-blower apologize for raising the alarm in public and for damaging the institution’s reputation.