Articles: July 2016

By: Ajit Ranade
Category: Indian economy
The textile sector, along with construction, agriculture and tourism is one of four most-labour intensive sectors of the economy. It has huge potential for generating sustainable jobs as well as export earnings. Currently, it employs about 35 million people, and contributes 12 per cent of exports.
Category: India politics, Indian economy, Inclusive growth
Whichever method a government chooses for governance of the country, it must improve its ability to use it. Dictators can govern well or poorly. Elections can be conducted fairly or badly. Similarly, stakeholder participation will not improve governance if it is not well conducted...
Category: Common citizen, India politics, Indian economy
A popular movement against corruption, swelling in 2013, and the perception that governance had become paralyzed, enabled Narendra Modi to lead the BJP to a spectacular victory in the 2014 national elections. He promised Minimum Government and Maximum Governance.