Articles: June 2016

By: Ranjit K Pattnaik, Jagdish Rattanani
Category: RBI, India politics, Indian economy
As Raghuram Rajan prepares to move out of the office of the RBI Governor, the implications of his exit and the manner in which he has been booted out raise important issues that go well beyond the RBI and will reinforce fears that the establishment will brook no voice that does not sing its tune.
By: Ranjit K Pattnaik, Jagdish Rattanani
Category: Global, RBI, Indian economy
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has sought to assure the markets that the outflow, which it estimates will be to the tune of US $ 20 billion, will be addressed in a non-disruptive manner but market sentiment continues to be governed by the fear of a speculative attack on the rupee.
Category: Common citizen, Governance, India politics
I must see the film “Udta Punjab” next week! I am told that the proliferation of drugs in the State is the single problem that the inhabitants are discussing in their drawing rooms and village dhabas. Thirty years ago when I was sent to the Punjab by Rajiv Gandhi, the talk was all about Terrorism.
By: Ajit Ranade
Category: India politics, Indian economy, Blackmoney
The government announced an amendment to the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement between India and Mauritius. The DTAA was signed between the two countries in August 1982 and notified in December 1983. For the past thirty-three years, it has been a key factor affecting foreign inflows into India.
By: Usha Thorat
Category: Common citizen, RBI, Indian economy
Any increase in bank deposits higher than credit growth, any reduction in bank borrowing from RBI on a consistent basis, reduction in government’s cash balances with RBI, and increase in RBI’s holding of government securities and foreign exchange reserves, are all indicators of improving liquidity.
By: Ranjit K Pattnaik, Jagdish Rattanani
Category: Common citizen, RBI, Indian economy
When the source of inflation originates from supply shocks, the efficacy of monetary policy is severely challenged. The answer is structural reforms. In India, it is high time the policy makers and authorities should rebalance the growth strategy between agriculture, manufacturing and services.
Category: India politics, Indian economy
Recently the Supreme Court has given directives for what types of cars should be permitted to drive in Delhi, and at what times trucks can be permitted to enter the city. The Finance Minister has complained that Indian courts are over-reaching themselves, meddling with matters outside their purview
By: N P Ashley
Category: India politics, Inclusive growth
The real new item on the menu is the Bharatiya Janata Party’s one seat in the assembly. Both the BJP side and the anti-BJP side seem to view a “domino effect” in this. This grand symbolic value attached to the BJP’s entry might mean something in the case of the confidence of the party cadre.