Articles: March 2016

By: Ajit Ranade
Category: Common citizen, RBI, Indian economy
A former RBI Governor once said, that the lobby for rate cuts is very strong, but nobody calls for a rate hike on behalf of depositors. Those people who depend on “fixed income products” like bank FD’s, or pension trusts, for their income, are deeply dismayed when rates are cut.
By: Dr. Yashwant Thorat
Category: India politics, Indian economy, Inclusive growth
The key sentiment is “please show us the implementation and ensure transmission of policy without leakages”. While the budget has been marketed as a pro-poor, pro-farmer budget focussed on reviving agriculture growth and improving farm incomes, a closer look might tell us a different story.
By: Sudarshan Iyengar
Category: India politics
Signs of social unrest are hard to ignore although political leaders have failed to sense the full import of it. Their responses have been highly irresponsible and they are mostly found to be talking at each other in Parliament and outside. The television anchors mischievously fan the process.
By: Usha Thorat
Category: Common citizen, RBI, Indian economy
The finance minister has announced a plethora of plans for crop insurance, health insurance, affordable housing and more funds in hands of panchayats and urban local bodies. But the big question is how would the government meet expenditure for these projects without increasing the fiscal deficit?